Road Safety Evaluation is a website designed to help everyone involved in delivering road safety education, training and publicity (ETP).

At the heart of the website is "E-valu-it" - an interactive tool that will help you define exactly what you are doing and why. Based on your answers to a set of questions, the toolkit will produce recommendations for how to evaluate your work, and will input the information into a report template.

When you have completed your evaluation, you can come back to the template and build on it to produce a full report.

The website includes lots of additional information and advice on road safety ETP evaluation and links to other sources of help.

Picture courtesy of Dorset County Council. Picture courtesy of Dorset County Council.

Whether you work at a local authority, for one of the emergency services, for a charity or any other organisation: if you are putting time, money and effort into conveying road safety messages to any road user, you will want to know if your efforts are working. As will the people who are funding what you do - especially in the present economic climate!

"The burden of proof has shifted... Now educational interventions must demonstrate their effectiveness."

Professor McKenna (Education in Road Safety - Are we getting it right?)

This site will help you to understand the importance of evaluation; and the E-valu-it toolkit will help road safety practitioners evaluate the interventions they have developed, understand how they could be improved, and help to use research evidence in the development of new interventions.

The project was led by a team from the Department for Transport (DfT) and RoSPA, in collaboration with local authority practitioners. We have spoken to many people working in the front line of road safety, and translated what we have been told into a practical website full of useful information and explanations.

We'd very much like to know what you think about the website and E-valu-it. Please give us your feedback, you can also ask questions about E-valu-it or about evaluation generally through the contact us link or by emailing support at